We have two major problems when it comes to starting a business; either we have the cash but lack idea or have the idea but lack the cash. The third which is those who lacks both the idea and the money are not ready for business. We will help you solve this problem one after the other without much ado. Last two weeks, we talk about how those with cash without business ideas can generate good and profitable ideas. You can access it here https://web.fac....


Do you know that the word impossible does not exist in reality; the only limitation in life is the one you set for yourself. You can kick start that business idea you have despite the financial limitation you perceive, it is absolutely possible and am going to tell you exactly how to do that. It is not a difficult task. Do you know that Donald Trump, the president of United State of America once lost several millions of dollars, declare bankrupt, then pick up pieces and rise to become the president of USA? Do you know that Dongote started with a very small amount given to him by his relation and today, he is the richest man in Africa? How about me, yes, me I started with absolutely nothing but today….lets reserve that for another day.


Men dream and die with their dream while others bring their dreams to fruition, you can be among the latter group, you can bring your dream to fruition with the proving strategy I will laid down here for you. What could possible stop you from starting that big business idea you have, what could possible stop from starting your business? Money; this is the ultimate reason while many people never start up in life, however, this can be overcome. Let’s not waste your time any longer, let’s go straight to the point. How do you kick start your dream business without money?




It’s as simple as that, it does not sound as a business strategy but let me explain further. Our mind act as a magnet when turn to a certain frequency. Ok, you remember that memorable event that took place several years ago, that painful event, that exciting event and the music that was played that day? Several years after, anytime you hear this particular music, the event of that fateful day would come alive in your mind. That’s how the human mind works.

To set your mind to attract whatever resources you need to kick start your business, you must first have absolute and motivated desire to start that business. Absolute in the sense that you left nothing unturned, you have no plan B, You are determine to start that particular business and nothing else. How do men acquire this state of mind? You will understand as i explain further. You must be motivated, you see, no man can sustain his mind in a definite direction for long without a motive, absolutely no one, how strong your motive is determined your ability to assume a magnetic state of mind. Motive is why people are able to commit murder, revenge or killed. Why do you want to start that business? What is at stake if you failed to start it?

Let me give you a story of a young man who ‘honestly’ seeks for three hundred thousand to start a small business. He honestly tried several avenues to raise this amount but to no avail. After few months, he gave up, and then something happened. His beloved mother fail seriously seek and was taking to hospital. The doctor said she needs surgery within a month or else she would die. This same young man set out again to raise two hundred thousand for his mother’s treatment, and he succeeded within a weeks! I asked myself, why he failed on the first instance and succeeded on the second instance? The answer is MOTIVE. What droves him on the first instance was not as strong as what drives him on the second instance, the second instance was a life threatening situation and his mind set was raise to a high frequency unconsciously, which then attract the money. If you can see your idea on this light, you will certainly attract everything you need to start your idea. This is a natural law, I have used it and it works for me.



When you have acquired this state of mind and know exactly what business to start and the amount required, the next step is to move on any ideas that come to you, ask everyone you know for help including those you don’t know, attempt all possible strategy and scheme that comes to your mind, to manifest your goal and try everything till you succeed. This is where majority failed. They ‘genuinely’ tried, moved, attempted but all to no avail, then they give up.

Let me explain one concept to you called the focus tree. Whatever we need in life to achieve our goal is available in this world, true or false? Yes, money, expertise, connection, goodwill etc are all available in this world. You only need to work till any of these resources cross your focus line and Pop, you succeed. If you quite, it may be a pole to your focus line and you have to start all over again in your new endeavor. Never quite so far you know the reward will worth more than the effort at the end.

Enter into entrepreneurial funding competition, try partnership or venture capitalist, try credit facilities instead of raising money, you can get generator from a friend or on credit instead of focusing on raising cash to buy the generator. etc.

We wish you success as you apply this proven strategy.


It’s painful to have a good business idea, something you know and believe will position you for wealth but lack of finance stops you and for years you have been nursing this idea to no availed. I know how painful it is for dream to fade with time but you, you still have opportunity, the energy to give a try, why not move, ask, attempt and try till you succeed and I bet you, you must succeed so far you are definite, focus, motivated and determine. No force on earth can stop a man with a motivated desire.

This may seem difficult for some but it’s simple to implement, just follow these steps;

* What type of business do you want to do?

* What exactly do you need to start this business (we make the mistakes of equating everything in terms of money) list what is needed, then cost it. For instant, a friend can give you generator.

* Why do you want to start this business and what do you stand to lose if you failed to start this business?

* How do you get the resources listed in two above?-follow every ideas that comes across your mind, meet every one you can meet, try everything you can try till you succeed. Simple.

Each time you fail or rejected, or resisted, learn a lesson and try again till you succeed.

This is easier than you may think. It’s easy to assume this state of mind, just give it a try and you will be surprise. Try it and you will be surprise that in no time, you will kick start your business. And live happily thereafter. The desire to proof to your rich uncle who refuses to carter for you is a strong force, harness it. An insult from a younger village brother who is richer than you can be a strong force, harness it. The suffering of your love once can be a strong force, utilize it.



There are some ultimate factor that are equally needed to succeed;


A knowledgeable man can always navigate his way through difficult situation. With knowledge, you will know how to negotiate your time, who and how to pitch your idea, what to do at every situation. Study, read book, attend seminars on your related field or line of proposed business.



70% of the world population do not think, 20% thought they are thinking while actually they are not, it’s only 10% that are actually thinking. (unknown source) Thinking is the act or process of using the mind and the brain in an active way to process information, data and knowledge and form connected ideas by induction. There are basically three types of thinking processes;

1. Analytical thinking.

2. Rational thinking.

3. Non-rational thinking: (irrational thinking)


Analytical thinking: e.g. how can it be fixed? What is responsible for it? Why is it behaving this way? How do I make it more effective and efficient? how do I solve this problem? Etc. this is an inquisitive questionable pattern of thinking; it is exploration of possibilities, causes and effect. It leads to answers. Every analytical thinking pattern you throw to your brain becomes incoming information and the brain of an inquisitive mind will ponder on it to produce another question, connection or solution. It is only by inquisitive thinking that the mind can be made productive. Analytical thinking unlike rational thinking asks first cause question, it examines the problem independently before reconnecting by means of rational thinking. Use this always.

Rational Thinking: e.g If it was this, how come by that? What if it resulted like this, what happened to that? If this person can do it, I can also do it etc. This type of thinking, you based your reasoning on already existing facts. Rational reasoning may not always produce truthful result because what we think to be a fact in which we base our reasoning on may not be a fact or we may not have complete knowledge of it. Notwithstanding, rational thinking is a very good supplement to analytical thinking.

Irrational thinking: e.g It is written in the Bible…, Eno-obong said.., this is the process of thinking and reaching a conclusion without having definite or complete knowledge or evidence. It is guessing, based on emotion. It is thinking base on human instinct or reasoning not fact. It is a universal truth that environmental influence affect our reasoning and make us to accept lie as truth e.g. “the multinational oil companies are cheating us, they must start paying us now” This is bad type of thinking processes because it never asked the question; why? It closes the mind against reason. It prevent people from unraveling the real root, it always brings a wrong approach of solution. The best is “the multinational companies are cheating us, why have they been able to do that? What put them in control to enable them to cheat us? It is only when someone is in control that he can cheat you. Nobody can cheat you on what you have absolute control. Religious believe is example of irrational thinking because it is based on years of indoctrination not on fact.



The third prerequisite required to finance your idea effectively and successfully is the state of your mind. The state of our mind plays a vital role in determining our ability to process information to generate astonishing feast. it is the determining factor between persistent and quitters, the mind is the Centre of human energy.

What is state of mind? State of mind simply means the emotional, intellectual and discerning capacity of your mind. By emotional I mean the driving force, by intellectual I mean the believe system, what you believe to be knowledge. By discerning power I mean how free your mind is, how receptive are you to new information even those that contradicts your believe. If you hold the believed that you would never be super rich consciously or unconsciously, the fact is that you would never get rich. To finance a multi-million business idea, you have to believe in the possibility.

The ultimate question is; WHAT DRIVES YOU? Why do you want to start that business? Why do you want to be successful? Here are possible drives;

i) Motivated desire. Motivated desire simple means desire driven by a motive. A business man sets on to raise N300,000.00 to start a new business venture, he tried all the available sources but to no avail; friends, banks, relations, credits, property to sale, personal savings etc without success, he gave up after a month. The following week, his lovely mother was diagnosed with an ailment, the doctors said it requires N200,000.00 to treat the ailment, and within a month, or the mother will die. The same man set out again to raise money and within a weeks, he raises the N200,000.00 and treated his mother. The question; why did he succeed in the second case? Simple, THE MOTIVE BEHIND THE DESIRE IS STRONGER.


How exactly do you build a strong motive around your desire to sustain your mind set in this intellectual journey of creating a multi-million worth business…...Create a reason, have a reason, have a vision and support a course. www.afrocentric... provides the platform for such course. ii) Desire for money. When your primary reason to do a particular thing is to make profit or money, it is said that you are propelled by money. With this mind set, when you fail to make the money at first or second attempt, you will easily give up. Your ultimate goal should be to solve a problem, try building your idea around solving a problem. Motivated desire should be your driven force.

Join us at www.afrocentric... and we will guide you to wealth!




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This is fact, i know that we can achieve anything we set our mind on. When people say lack of money is the reason they don't start their dream business, i always tell them no, instead, poor motivation is the reason. Kudos.


Is it true that nature attract our dominant thought?


Wow! I learnt a lot.